Yahale Meltzer, COO

A major industry breakthrough coming soon: GrooveGaming, the world’s first intelligent iGaming aggregator

Readers of Industry ERA Magazine have come across many technology-based businesses, but nothing like iGaming industry aggregator GrooveGaming. The product of a 2016 project founded by entrepreneur Yahale Meltzer and former Microsoft alumni Gil Strauss, backed by anchor investment partners, the aggregator has amassed an incredible client cluster in 3 short years.

GrooveGaming’s 6-Continents Strategy from the get-go was predicated on data empowerment and capacity-building as a transformational company which realised that by increasing local marketing capability while instilling better services, processes and disciplines centrally, would have significant appeal across the industry. Today, more-and-more international casino brands and content partners are looking to develop interesting ventures with the dynamic aggregator of choice, especially in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

In the iGaming industry an aggregator provides content to operators, allowing one operator to be connected to multiple content providers simultaneously and to onboard new content rapidly. For online operators to access new and entertaining casino content, GrooveGaming provides a flexible and seamless content aggregation technology created to maximise revenue. By combining thousands of games from over 100 content providers, GrooveGaming enables operators to manage different game features such as bonuses and free spins from a single back-office.

With a unique service concept at the heart of its business model, GrooveGaming has made it easy for the industry to connect to the game aggregation platform and this plug-and-play format combined with best-in-class technology has helped set the aggregator apart. Now its new advisory service backed by advanced data-analytics is about to create a revolution in an industry that has often worked less on objective data insights and more on gut feel.

But what sets it apart most of all, the company’s key differentiator and unique brand promise in development, soon to be released, is the data and insights which are generated on a daily basis. Essentially, GrooveGaming is a data company underpinned by big-data technologies, working at scale in the cloud and powered by (artificial intelligence) AI and machinelearning. The GrooveGaming technology team led by CTO Strauss is building a significant competitive advantage around advanced algorithms and API development. Platform development is strongly influenced by taking into account the constantly changing landscape of the iGaming space, keeping the company thin with high-end technology and incorporating the art of balancing price to service, with service as important as the technical solution in GrooveGaming’s management thinking: The dominant idea being that when the market needs it, it needs it now.

The company was born from direct experience in the industry. GrooveGaming evolved from Yahale Meltzer’s experience as a Casino Manager with major international brands, constantly frustrated by shortfalls in servicing by the industry supply-chain. Yahale’s idea was to utilise AI for customer service. Here the customer is a casino or casino operator, and GrooveGaming is envisaging being able to customise the lobby view for every client. In particular, personalised lobbies to address regional and local tastes are proving highly popular with operators working in multiple jurisdictions and with significant player segments. Using AI GrooveGaming looks at operators’ traffic, the most successful games, and how to adapt their player-facing websites to get the best results.

In building this new-generation gaming platform, the primary objective was to be able to move fast and respond to sudden changes in the market, amply evidenced by recent events around COVID-19. A surge in demand for live content has followed the curtailing of live sports worldwide due to COVID-19 and the closing of landbased casinos in numerous jurisdictions across the world. As a result, GrooveGaming’s entertainment is now being offered in the form of live content and virtual sports to operators striving to meet player demand.

GrooveGaming has numerous live dealer titles amongst its ondemand live content and classy games including live roulette, baccarat, blackjack and live dedicated tables, all of which have been generating significant interest in the last couple of weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, its virtual sports offering includes virtual football, tennis, horse-racing, cycling and greyhound racing, with virtual Euro basketball and cricket coming to the rapidly-expanding aggregator soon.

Created with the aim of easy and fast content delivery for the igaming industry, GrooveGaming is well placed with a robust live content range that encompasses some of the world’s leading live content and virtual sports brands, including Leap Gaming, Evolution Gaming, Lucky Streak, Quickfire, Vivo Gaming, SuperSpade, TvBet, SA gaming and Microgaming live; with Xpro, Bet Construct, and Netent all in final stage talks with integrations ongoing. An ever-increasing wealth of content translates into stronger casino partners who can become successful businesses in the jurisdictions they choose to target.

GrooveGaming’s powerful platform includes over 4000 casino games as well as a wealth of aggregated content ranging from slots, online casino and live casino, to poker and table games, that operators can access via easy integration to drive player engagement and revenue. GrooveGaming’s constant integration of high-quality content permits casinos and operators to reshape marketing and promotions while delivering the best possible selection of games for their segment customers using data-science to optimise revenue.

A major reason why GrooveGaming is becoming the aggregator of choice around the world is that GrooveGaming is powered by technology innovation which provides operators with the ability to activate a range of features that enhance customer experience and engagement, improve retention, encourage extended play and produce a higher yield.

Early decisions around the innovation and investments in new technologies resulted in re-inventing the category, while some elements of the platform are universal to all operators integrated to it, such as smart dashboards, gaming transactions, game display, calculating jackpot contributions, game metadata, game replays and game histories; as well as the detailed ROI reports, financial transactions, gaming revenue, bets, detailed statistics of gameplay, and RTP analysis to ensure uninterrupted quality performance is experienced by the casino’s players. Interestingly, every game on the platform is supported by all devices, currencies, and cryptocurrencies.

GrooveGaming has significantly grown its presence throughout the last two years across key global markets with hundreds of operators. Multiple recent signings with big industry names include EveryMatrix, iGP, Digitain, Microgaming, Alea and Quickfire, amongst others, highlighting the attractiveness of GrooveGaming’s portfolio with operators and players alike, while underscoring the reliability of the technology and demonstrating that the ability to predict and segment casino clients on behaviour is a new driver of value. As is the business model centred on value-added services like standard reporting, lobby management, bonus management, and game-cluster recommendations

Another development on the cards within the next 12-months is launch of a modular product option for operators whereby GrooveGaming will be offering cashier, CRM, affiliate system, games, marketing tools and other important casino services. GrooveGaming is creating online casino software that is open and flexible, giving the operator complete control over the way they manage their business. The new online casino platform will be a complete solution for managing any gaming business across multiple channels and products. Features include player account management, payment processing, bonusing, loyalty programs, fraud and risk prevention, game management that includes a recommendation engine, and powerful analytics. The online casino platform enables easy seamless integrations with various game and betting providers and features a common player wallet.

Also currently in development is a GrooveGamingsportsbook kiosk for landbased casinos, that has already been prototyped and the company plans to rollout at scale during 2020.

As Ulf Norder, CCO at QTech Games recently said: “GrooveGaming are the most familiar name in aggregation today, they need no introduction, and we’re pumped at the prospect of being part of the energy that is driving GrooveGaming forward. They have the content, they have the technology, and they have the attitude to be a wonderful partner.”

GrooveGaming uses data to read the global economy, new interests, new products, new demographics, mobile, and factors such as player engagement. As GrooveGaming’s unique platform handles more and more data, the insights-generated become more reliable and relevant.

For both Yahale Meltzer and Gil Strauss the decision to innovate the category using technology was a bold one that is paying off. As a technology company, GrooveGaming is able to rapidly adjust to everyone’s needs, and do it really well, using its data to foresee what’s coming up and extract the defining market trends.

As a knowledge-economy company, GrooveGaming has upped the ante on business intelligence in the gambling industry and now provides a proprietary advisory service for its clients based on data-insights which helps them to understand which games are the strongest performers in their region and for their demographic of players. This is helping to drive revenue-growth for partners and creates a win for the world’s first intelligent iGaming aggregator too




Yahale Meltzer, COO


Groove Gaming was founded in 2016 by a group of professionals who all had the dream of creating an exclusive service so entrepreneurs could meet the growing gaming needs of the world.

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