Ahmadov Elchin, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman

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Providing business and technology solutions in Europe, Middle East, America, Central Asia and Pacific regions has transformed BITE Consulting Services into one of the most sought-after solution provider offering high quality of products and services. The company’s strategic vision, methods, process and experience help to create business strategies which lead to success. The years of experience allows them to explore industries in which their clients have interests, and enter the markets with their unique products and services.“Working together and helping our customers grow their business activity in different industries is our profession. By understanding our customer demands, we supply with the technology solutions they need,” says Ahmadov Elchin, CEO & Chairman of BITE Consulting Services. “It can be either for their business, office or individual purposes. BITE Consulting Services supports its customers principally with hardware and software solutions. It helps our customers to choose what they need and find out the useful solutions for their business. For supporting our client’s long-term goals, it is essential to focus on and understand strategic needs of them.”

" BITE Consulting Services offer professional Business and Information Technology solutions, and understand the high quality innovation for digital business. "

BITE Consulting Services is an International Business and Information Technology company, which collaborates with more than 100 international companies. Their aim is to help organizations develop their business relationship, delivering optimal decisions after which they will be capable of gaining a significant profit in the market.

Taking Companies towards Success

BITE Consulting Services help companies understand the necessity of their investments in certain Business sphere and Information Technology. They assist organizations develop their business relationship, bringing optimal decision onto the business table where all the customers get satisfied with the professional done decisions for their needs. At the same time, their Partnership Program Network which is called BITE Consulting Services Partnership Partner Network “BITECSPN” gives advantages to the organizations that perform solutions, business reports, projects support, discounts for products and academies. Partnership Program allows customers to build up new business relations and make their business bigger with better roots of the market where they have to be, setting up the partner culture for the nearest future, new opportunities for local and international markets, and support with vital business solutions for all the markets.

It is pertinent to mention that BITE Consulting Services always analyzes market demands in different industry. BITE Consulting Services has two type business services which are:

Management: CRM, Change Management “for business demand”, IT Project Management analyze “for business projects”, and etc.

Information Technology: At the same time, for IT business services they offer Software Development “which we have software products that, we can offer our customers”, Solution and Testing, Database Solutions “we offer new hardware and software solutions”, Open Source and Protection Security.

The main task of projects which they receive is to analyze the process of solutions and understand the customer need to offer unique products. “We are planning and controlling resources, procedures, and protocol to achieve specific goals,” adds Ahmadov. The temporary nature of projects stands in contrast with business as usual, which are systematic, repetitive, permanent, or semi-permanent work activities to produce products or services. “We also design an effective portfolio management system. We work closely with client management teams to compile and assess business portfolio program needs, using proven processes and tools to assure benefit realization from the portfolio strategy,” he adds. This allows many different services to be managed and developed efficiently. These services focused on removing needless processes from the IT system in order to cut the causes lowering business productivity.

Towards the Future

BITE Consulting Services is working on the new E-commerce platform, and will help BITE Consulting Services to develop and enlarge itself in the future. It also helps BITE Consulting Services to develop new IT technologies. Their new software products will give them two opportunities for the future which involve: 1. Developing Software products in IT sphere, 2. Entering to the international market and new business sphere with a new well-known brand. BITE Consulting Services are investing on the resources for the future development. BITE Consulting Services already started investing for E-commerce and Delivery business sphere. We already built up the Logistic Management System, Order Management System and Delivery System. At the same time, BITE Consulting Services entered international market with GLEX for E-Commerce business development and BirShop/10LINE STORE for Delivery business development. “GLEX is delivering brand of BITE Consulting Services which customers able to use online order and we deliver their products.” At the same time, BirShop/10LINE STORE is a platform which customers no need to order their products from different online platforms. It means that, we are entering the market with the new brand which is going to be more beneficial for the future. It helps develop our business and technology solutions.

Our new modern E-Commerce technology gives all information about the order: routes, location, inventory, warehouse connectivity, and integration with accounting to create invoices and accept payments. BITE Consulting Services already invested to new brand GLEX and started working for Poland, Azerbaijan and Turkey market. We are already entering to Germany market. BirShop/10LINE STORE is our new project and will finish end of the 2020.

Additionally, BITE Consulting Services has set upa new academy which helps individuals or companies to develop their educational skills and build up bright, successful career in the future. “We offer Professional Information Technology and Business (PITB) courses, and invite the young talents to share their business ideas on which they want to realize and join our award-winning program,” says Ahmadov. It also gives opportunities the young talents to get the investment from BITE Consulting Services for their start-ups. “Being able to join our program we convene them to become our members. We provide all of our participants and certified members with the international certifications.” Having these international certificates given by BITE “Consulting Services adding the full name please.” means that their partners also accept the qualifications and equalize the certification with their level. “Our courser offers a progressive structure for your career development, from the fundamentals up to professional level of learning and assessment. The member companies or talents are able to use more advantages of our courses to become the participants of global projects with us,” adds the steadfast leader. BITE Consulting Services offers the new way of developing the career and business opening up opens new ways for freelancers and young talents and at the same time, companies who want to develop their employees individually.


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Ahmadov Elchin, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman


BITE Consulting Services offer professional Business and Information Technology solution.

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