Yuryi Ferber, Founder, Chairman & CEO, BRITECH.

A Ground-breaking Leader

Yuryi Ferber, Founder, Chairman & CEO of BRITECH doesn’t believe in Individual shows. According to Yuryi, the first rule to follow on your way to become an entrepreneur is to be able to attract and retain exceptional people and allow them to work together in collaboration, establishing a direction and having a 360-degree alignment of interests between customers, staff and partners.

“Once the Founder has established the longterm vision, he / she needs to bring in people to build the plan and execute it. If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together!” he says. “In my current company, I brought the best people from day one. Of course, hiring mistakes are inevitable over the years, but the important thing is not to insist on the mistake and change the people who didn’t fit the team.”

He explains that good people don’t just mean good technical people - they need to share the same ideas and long-term vision. In other words, they must share the same culture, because they will hire more people and maintain the company’s culture.

Yuryi learned from his father that reputation is the most important asset for anyone. It takes time to acquire, but fraction of time to lose it. Therefore, one must be very careful about what they do, how they do it and the quality of their network of people.“Once you’ve built your reputation and become a trusted individual, you will be able to attract good, trustworthy people to your business,” adds Yuryi.

“Being humble is a key quality that I have, which is needed to establish yourself as a leader. When you are humble, you know you are always learning and you know how important it is to be surrounded by good and honest people at business, personal and family circles.”

Building the Company

In 2011, Yuryi took a two-month exploratory trip to some of the most important financial centers (New York, London and ENTREPRENEURS TOP TO WATCH OUT FOR IN 2020 Industry Era Review Review Magazine we have a broad and deep software platform capable of addressing over 30 pain points for all the members of the Investment Management value chain AUGUST 2020 15 Toronto) and realized that the investment management industry was about to start a profound transformational change. One of these changes was the merge of Asset and Wealth Management roles, as well as the emerging importance of the Financial Planner. “I found the company in 2012 based on that vision and we started to build the technology with the ambition to be a B2B global technology SaaS vendor,” he says. “After 7 years of intense R&D and innovation, we have a broad and deep software platform capable of addressing over 30 pain points for all the members of the Investment Management value chain.”

BRITECH offers scalable, affordable best-in-classsolutions to help companies of any size provide the best possible service to their customers. The technology was designed to reach any size of customer, offering a cloud-based solution and monthly-basis payment per use. “Back in 2014, we started offering solutions to some few pain points and, with constant R&D investments, year after year, we continue to expand the platform’s features and scalability,” explains Yuryi. “In the beginning, we started selling to small companies and now we are serving from small up to large enterprises on a global scale through our franchise model.” The company has a long-term win-win partnership model, capable of attracting entrepreneurs worldwide, while maintaining their focus on product innovation and the partners focus on sales, implementation and local support for each region in which they operate.

Towards the Future

“As a SaaS company, we love metrics. In general, we are doing very well, but there is a metric that we are proud of and it is a direct consequence of the way we are oriented towards growth and the customer,” says Yuryi. “I’m talking about Net Revenue Retention (NRR): it measures the total change in recurring revenue for a set of customers over time. Our NRR is over 130% per year.” This is possible because Yuryi and his team of experts do their best to retain the customer, help the customer use their software in the best possible way and help them extract the best possible value out of it. Of course, the company’s customer-centric mind set is not the only thing that makes it possible - they have numerous features addressing various industry pain points that they are able to up-sell frequently

For the days to come, Yuryi says innovation will not stop and they are about to launch a new product for a specific member of the Investment Management chain that the company believes will bring great value for the market. Yuryi and his team are also working at solutions that can benefit customers during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, all the while prioritizing the various teams and their constant contribution towards the company’s productivity. “We are very proud to say that we managed to get through the COVID-19 crisis without layoffs. We value our people and how important it is to keep team morale up,” says Yuryi.




Yuryi Ferber, Founder, Chairman & CEO of BRITECH


BRITech is a B2B Vertical SaaS FinTech company with 180+ customers in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Peru and Espanha and more than 60 dedicated full-time professionals.

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