Suneel Kumar Sirigiri

CEO & Founder





Shagun Malhotra
CEO & Founder, ELDAAS


To provide quality electronic design and manufacturing services with state of art technologies and competitive solutions.

A Flexible, Dependable & Transparent Partner

Numerous organizations feel that there are several occasions where specifications evolve as the work progresses, and sometimes multiple iterations in the design are required. Companies face difficulty outsourcing such activity as it is difficult to define the exact scope of work initially. Sometimes customers take up the design of a product and need support after some work is completed by them, which means that the outsourcing partner needs to understand the work done and take it forward. All such requirements need a flexible and dependable partner. ELDAAS has provided services in various stages of the project, exceeding the expectations of the customer.

"Eldaas has evolved processes over the past 9-10 years to ensure that the products are developed as per the standards and meet all specifications"

ELDAAS Technologies is a 10-year-old company having good expertise in Embedded hardware/ software Solutions, RF design, FPGA solutions, Cloud computing, Semiconductor design, Complex and PCB design services. “I always envisioned to create a company which will significantly contribute to the design eco system in the country,” says Suneel Kumar, founder Director, and CEO of ELDAAS. “We support our global customers from our offices in Bangalore, India and Raleigh, NC, USA, offering cutting edge services to the global electronics players.” They are specialists in rapid prototyping, embedded Solutions, certification and electronic manufacturing services. Their state-of-the-art technology and Lab facilities help them design the right product for the first time, alongside innovative solutions to minimize costs and reduce manufacturing time. ELDAAS is dedicated to delivering superior value. “My passion to contribute significantly to the innovations in the country, drove me to start ELDAAS,” says Suneel.

“A major milestone in 2020 is the partnership with MediaTek for developing rich AIOT solutions. We will also be developing AI applications and offering solutions with initial focus on education segment. I believe that the growth of ELDAAS will be exponential now onwards, with this new Vertical on EDGE AI devices, and the Indian Govt plans for self-reliance.”

According to Suneel, in this fast-moving generation, first-time success plays a vital role. ELDAAS makes sure that the design guidelines and standards are implemented, with checklists for state-of-the-art technologies and well-established processes. The simulations in circuit and PCB give an edge, eliminating the probable failures at the board level. “We did more than 400 projects. The design reuse not only gives advantage in 1st time success but also reduces the time to market. In house expertise in multiple domains like RF, Analog, Digital, Software and Firmware, good relationships with vendors and customers helps us designing with first time success,” explains Suneel.“I will not say that ELDAAS technologies is the ultimate solution for our customers.” There will be new players, new technologies, and new products in this ever-changing world, which will attract corporates. “But ELDAAS will strive to remain latest in technology and provide value to customers, continuously adopting to the changes in the environment.”

ELDAAS has evolved processes over the past 9-10 years to ensure that the products are developed as per the standards and meet and exceed all specifications. Manufacturing a quality product, reliable in the field, depends on the processes of an organization. Without the right processes, the customer will not get consistent quality.

Suneel explains that the defense standards are stringent as the products have to work in hostile environments, and the reliability is crucial. One of the prestigious projects they handled was the partnership with L&T in the development of K9 Vajra-T, a Self-Propelled gun, commonly known as Vajra Tank. L&T is the lead supplier of this product to the Army. ELDAAS developed and engineered several Electronics units in this gun. Any indigenization effort like this involves many partners working together. Challenges were in understanding OEM documentation, indigenizing, and engineering to the Defense specifications, trials, and evaluations manufacturing to the stringent quality standards and supplying in time. “We successfully completed our scope of work and repeat orders is a testimony of our performance,” says Suneel. “Some of the other noteworthy projects are the development of System On Module for Data Communication which suits for various applications, handheld base station, eye testing equipment control system, GPS Tracker, Single board computers, Amplifiers, Filters and wideband up-down convertor for satellite communications, and a Digital computing System among others.” In all cases, their customers benefit from the savings in cost, timely delivery of quality products, and the flexible/transparent support approach of ELDAAS.

In 2019-20, we grew at 75 %, despite COVID-19. We are also happy that we could serve our customers well even during the pandemic disruptions in 2020. This year ELDAAS restructured two verticals—the design services and related products like RADARs, and EDGE AI devices, products, and solutions. “Given the market size and the policies of the Indian Government, I expect both the verticals to grow well and enhance the revenues, profits, and value of the company,” says Suneel. “We are also expanding to the markets abroad especially the US market. I wish to add that I am confident that ELDAAS will grow at least 40-50% CAGR in this decade. We started building our own campus in the Aerospace park at Bangalore and will be shifting to it by Jan 2021, and if all our plans succeed, we would like to make ELDAAS public through an IPO in the next 4-5 years.”


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