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The USB of Big Data?!
By Bruno Aziza, Chief Marketing Officer(CMO), AtScale

USB celebrated its 22nd birthday this month! The USB (short for Universal Serial Bus) was a game changer when it was introduced. And it is now THE standard for connecting our devices (computers...

Why PLM consultants are questioning new tools and asking about cloud exit strategy?
By Oleg Shilovitsky, CEO/co-founder @OpenBOM

I want to continue my dialog with Jos Voskuil, PLM business consultant and PLM coach. If you're just catching up the conversation, check the following articles: Why traditional PLM ranking is dead. PLM...

By Rodger Howell, Principal, PwC and Thomas Torlone, U.S. Leader of Enterprise Business Services, PwC

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is catching the attention of companies across sectors—and no...

DevOps, Big Data, and Social Media
By Kan Tang, Worldwide CTO - HPE Software Services, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

People today have already stopped talking about DevOps and are now doing DevOps. We have seen a growing number of our customers implementing Enterprise Agility and DevOps practice. So what are...

Microsoft 365 and the Essential Eight
By Aaron Dinnage, Modern Workplace Sales, Microsoft

In February 2017 the Australian Signals Directorate published their latest Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents. As part of this revised guidance the ASD have include a new priority list of...

AWS – the unbeatable giant….but what about Google Cloud Platform?
By Laurence Downing, Specialist DevOps Consultant, ISL Recruitment

Cloud computing has taken the world by storm, leaving businesses free of the need for complex on-site server rooms and introducing them to efficient, secure and reliable data protection. With tech...

RSA Security Conference: to booth or not to booth
By Brian Contos, CISO & VP Security Strategy, Verodin Inc.

Do you really need or want a booth at the RSA security conference? And if you do, does it need to follow old, tired corporate patterns?

Looking Out for the Little Guy
By David Kennedy, CEO and Founder, Quantum Aviation

International airports of all sizes can and should expect the same level of support, customization and savings from their software provider. Quantum Aviation CEO David Kennedy explains why...

Digital Tech News

Shift left your Shift left
By Kelvin Hubbard

How the smart software developers are moving support to the customers of their customers.
The technology industry has led many innovations throughout the years, which have later been...

Zen and the Art of Information Technology (IT)
By Len Peters, VP and CIO, New York University

Breathe in, breathe out. Listen to the breath.
Our breath, so often taken for granted. Unseen, it just works (we hope). Thinking about something...

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Ignore These Two Paths to Cloud Failure at Your Own Risk
By Leopold ODonnell, Founder, Enterprise Edge Technologies LLC

Congratulations! Your awesome startup is up and running; you’ve leveraged a ton of open source software and tools, leveraged some great SaaS products, deployed to the cloud and you’re scaling...

Thoughts from my time at AWS Re-Invent
By Greg Meyers, CVP and CIO, Motorola Solutions

This week, I had a chance to attend my first Amazon Web Services (AWS) Re-Invent conference. More than 15,000 people descended into Las Vegas to immerse themselves in all things AWS. I was blown...

Think Before You Click
By Gian Gentile, Operations Manager,

As technology evolves, so do the cyber criminals and sophisticated scams. One wrong click can expose your personal or business information. Once you become a victim it becomes difficult to...

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