Accutech Systems has been a leader in the Wealth Management industry for over 30 years serving clients that need comprehensive Trust Accounting and Investment Management software and business process outsourcing solutions. Adam Unger, Accutech’s President, gives us further insight into the company and what makes it so successful.

Established in 1987, Accutech is privately held and solely focuses on the Wealth Management industry. Simply put, the company’s team works hard for their clients, showing up every day with the singular focus of making their clients’ lives easier by providing them solutions that will enable their growth. Adam Unger talks to us about Accutech’s approach to its services, noting how the team works when undertaking any new projects and considering prospective clients.
“Since Accutech is privately held, we are able to truly approach everything we do from the client’s perspective, meaning we never sacrifice the long-term benefit of our clients for short-term benefits to Accutech.
“Fundamentally, we always make decisions based on what is best for our clients. This is evidenced by our approach to writing our flagship product Accutrust Cheetah, a software program which was custom built from the ground up. Today, a lot of companies are producing newer technology by only focusing on the front-end of their software and they don’t spend the time or money to modernize the back-end of the application. By contrast, we wrote Accutrust Cheetah with 100% new end-to-end technology. This ensures that our clients are always able to take full advantage of processing, scale and connectivity advantages at every level of the application.”
A visionary company, Adam outlines the firm’s overall mission to us, looking to be the recognized leader in their market through a very personal approach to how they do business. To be a successful company, your team must all be working with the same goals in mind, and Adam describes how having a satisfied team is equally important to satisfied clients. Accutech boasts a 78% Employee Engagement score when data shows the global average at just 13%. Adam states that he believes truly engaged employees has in turn led to Client Satisfaction scores of 98% and the firms continued success.
“Accutech’s mission is to redefine the Wealth Management industry by being innovative and personal. These are our guiding principles in every decision that we make as we continually bring disruptive solutions to the market and keep our clients on the forefront of technology. We forge strong relationships that keep all of our strategies client-centric based on their needs for growth.” This mission has led Accutech to over 98% in both client retention and client satisfaction levels. “We place a high emphasis on culture at Accutech. The team has a very rigorous hiring process that gives us a high success rate in bringing the right people on to our team which leads to a very low turnover. Low turnover of our team means our clients have consistency in the partnership and we are able to focus our energy on helping them grow. We believe that if we take really good care of our team, they will in turn, take really good care of our clients. We promote a very open and transparent culture that removes silos and egos. This allows us to make decisions based on what is best for our clients without caring who gets the credit.”
Customer service is vital to the company’s success, as Adam explains. There are specialist teams in place to deal with client queries and questions, including a 24/7 learning centre, meaning clients are able to be self-sufficient and get what they need no matter what the issue or location of the client.
“Accutech assigns a Client Support Specialist and Relationship Manager to every Accutrust Cheetah client. The Client Support Specialist learns the unique processing needs of the client and enables them to efficiently resolve issues which might arise through our client’s growth. The Relationship Manager is a proactive knowledge source for each client, ensuring they understand all of the available functionality of the system as new features are continually added to the product offering. At the heart of these relationships is an overarching ability for our team members to act on behalf of our clients without any red tape. This means our clients get better solutions faster than firms with multiple layers of bureaucracy are able to provide. We also provide browser-based documentation and role-based training at our clients’ fingertips directly from the Accutrust Cheetah application. “
Lastly, Adam predicts what the future holds for Accutech, with its client base expanding there is a positive outlook for the firm. Achieving its mission of being innovative and building personal relationships will go a long way in making Accutech the leader within the Wealth Management industry.
“Looking ahead, the future is extremely bright for Accutech, as we are on pace this year to sign new client revenue five times larger than our historical sales average. Here at Accutech Systems, we believe that the combination of technology innovation and personal relationships with a focus on what is best for our clients will continue to resonate with our industry and propel our growth.”

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